ETowers Veytia


Rarely has one chance to meet someone who stays out of conviction noble, clung to their ideals-in times in which we live around humans, less than ideas-and his strong value system.

He Study physical anthropology as a profession, is master in applied anthropology and social development, also has master's degrees in urban planning, and ever since he was 10 years of age has brought a camera. The little PEN-10 (olympus), a camera that her grandfather gift. He record everything that happens in their world in their daily live, creating imaginary, fictions and a particular vision of social reality with which it coexists.
Also he has study photography as something intimate and related to anthropology, beginning in the "Centro de la Imagen", and other schools of photography.
Towers, as he likes to call himself, is well. He has accumulated 35 years of age spread over its 1.83 m, but his spirit will go better for a teenager. He can use mask of the "El Santo", but has an eye open and frank. Enjoy the simple things in life, as are, without question.
However, in their language and sense of humor reveals the other side of his personality. The formality is minimal, the portfolio of popular sayings he comes home and always accompanies the words with non-verbal elements of the code. Have "sarcasmos" ironies and to distribute, without stopping to ways and customs rather than on those occasions when his anthropological sense of duty tells him, that it's best to reserve comment and discuss in a classroom.
And perhaps this is just a point of reflection and analysis which is structured as a whole. He is a man who likes to play the role of social advocate. Not as Superman, with demonstrations of force, nor as Batman, entangled in existential conflicts and personal vendettas ... But just like him, with the guise of Eduardo Torres: "Antrotecto" planner, ethnologist spaces of human and social concerns of local collector, decided to sponsor the scouting and child shares a blood and extended family. In other words, a man convinced that the best is yet to come, but it is equally important to enjoy this and that to get ahead, it takes much work.